Calculates how many repeated trials there are for each label level for each site. This can be useful for selecting sites that have a minimum number of repetitions of each stimulus or other experimental condition.

get_num_label_repetitions_each_site(binned_data, labels, label_levels = NULL)



A string that list a path to a file that has data in binned format, or a data frame of binned_data that is in binned format.


A string specifying which label variable should be used for calculating the minimum number of level repetitions.


A character vector specifying which levels to include. If not set, all levels will be used.


A data frame where each row corresponds to a recording site. The columns in the data frame are:

  • siteID: The siteID each row in the data frame corresponds to

  • min_repeats: minimum number of repeats across all label levels

  • level_XXX: The number or repeats for a specific label level

  • site_info.XXX: The site_info for each site