Returns the parameters set in an NDR object to enable reproducible analyses.




An object from the NeuroDecodeR package to get the parameters from.


Returns a data frame with a single row that contains all the NDR object's parameter values (e.g., values that were set in the object's constructor).


This function that returns a data frame with the parameters of an NeuroDecodeR (NDR) object. All NDR objects (i.e., DS, FP, CL, RM and CV) need to define a method that implements this generic function. The CV object's get_parameters() method usually will call all the DS, FP, CL, RM and CV get_parameters() methods and aggregate and return all the parameters aggregated from these objects. These aggregated parameters can then be used to save the results of a particular analysis based on the parameters using the log_save_results() function. This method is most frequently used privately by other NDR objects to save all the parameters that were used in an analysis.