Reads a csv, rda, rds or mat file that has the appropriate raster_data column names (i.e., columns that start with, labels. and time.), and returns data in raster_data format (i.e., a data frame with the class attribute).




A string specifying the name (and path) to a csv, rda, rds or mat raster data file that has the appropriate raster data column names (i.e., columns that start with, labels. and time.)


Returns a data frame of data in raster format (i.e., with class raster_data). Data that is in raster format as the following variables:

  1. labels.XXX These variables contain labels of which experimental conditions were shown on a given trial.

  2. time.XXX_YYY These variables contain the data for a given time, XXX is the start time of the data in a particular bin and YYY is the end time.

  3. site_info.XXX These variables contain additional meta data about the site.

  4. trial_number This variable specifies a unique number for each row indicating which trial a given row of data came from.

For more details on raster format data see the vignette: vignette("data_formats", package = "NeuroDecodeR")


# reading in a csv file in raster format
csv_raster_file_name <- file.path(
  system.file("extdata", package = "NeuroDecodeR"),

# read the csv file into a raster_data data frame
raster_data <- read_raster_data(csv_raster_file_name)